30 January 2018

The Arqueomania TV program of La2 takes us this Saturday, February 3 to Bolomor

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On Saturday, February 3, at 13:30, Manuel Pimentel and his Arqueomania team visit Bolomor Cave, a very important place for the study of the Neanderthal populations ways of life, to talk about the importance of fire in the camps of the human groups that populated Europe between 400,000 and 100,000 years ago.

Arqueomanía, which is already in its fourth season, is the national reference program in terms of the dissemination of archeology and heritage. In other chapters Manuel Pimentel and his team have visited reference sites such as Atapuerca, Orce, Sidrón or Pinilla del Valle, among others

Undoubtedly, an unmissable event to discover this important site in the hands of the research team that has been working on it for 30 years