21 August 2017

The 29th fieldwork season in Bolomor Cave begins

The 29th fieldwork season in Bolomor Cave begins, with a duration of one month and in which more than 40 researchers, including doctors, graduates and students, from different universities and national and international research centers will participate.

The excavations at the site have been systematically developed since 1989 as part of the annual interventions of the Prehistoric Research Service (SIP) of the Diputación de Valencia and with the permission of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Among the objectives of the campaign is the excavation of one of the most significant levels of the stratigraphic sequence of the site: level XIII. This level, with a dating of more than 200,000 years, has been excavated in extension for 4 years and the objective of this year will be to continue the excavation work in extension in the area located to the north of the deposit, where in the past Campaign recovered a limestone bifaz, which is one of the most significant pieces among those recovered so far at the site. This level has also provided, in previous campaigns, a superior canine male adult individual and two structures of combustion with a chronology of 235,000 years, which are among the oldest in Europe. In addition, excavation work will continue on the most recent levels of the site, which last year provided four human cranial remains with an age of 130,000 years.