01 August 2016

The 28th excavation season at Bolomor Cave starts today



The 28th excavation season at Bolomor Cave starts today with a length of two months and more than 70 people involved, including researchers, graduates and students from several national and international universities and research centers.

Fieldworks at Bolomor Cave are being systematically developed since 1989 as part of the annual interventions of the Servicio de Investigación Prehistórica (SIP) of the Provincial Council of Valencia and with the license of the Conselleria de Cultura de la Generalitat Valenciana.

The main objectives this year are the excavation of two of the most significant levels of the stratigraphic sequence of the site: level XIII and level IV. Level XIII, with an age of 200 ka, is being excavated since 3 years ago; the goal this year is to continue with the excavation in extension in the northern area of the site. Level IV, dated to >100 ka, opens a new phase of fieldworks in the western area of the site. This level was excavated in the early 90’s and provided more than 24,000 faunal remains and more than 4,000 lithic tools, being one of the most fruitful in material density from the upper sequence. These works will be combined with others dedicated to document the mining activities during the 1930s and the develop a comprehensive datings program including methods of luminescence, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and paleomagnetism with researchers from the University of Adelaide (Australia) and CENIEH (National Research Center on Human Evolution, Burgos).