21 October 2016

Recent study reveals up to 25 occupational phases between levels I and XII of Bolomor Cave sedimentary deposit

Recent study in Bolomor Cave has allowed to differentiate up to 25 archaeostratigraphic units or occupational phases, between levels I and XII of the sedimentary deposit of the site. These units have been identified from three-dimensional reconstruction and analysis of archaeological levels and the delimitation of the not inhabited phases, evidenced by the absence of human activity and the carnivores sporadic visit to the site.

The results of this study will enable a detailed analysis of each of these units, in order to reconstruct aspects of behavior and social organization of the Neanderthals groups that inhabited Bolomor Cave.

Fieldworks at Bolomor Cave are being systematically developed since 1989 as part of the annual interventions of the Servicio de Investigación Prehistórica (SIP) of the Provincial Council of Valencia and with the license of the Conselleria de Cultura de la Generalitat Valenciana.