25 June 2016

Ruth Blasco, wild carnivores are an important key for interpret the past

Ruth Blasco, Bolomor Cave research team and CENIEH's zooarchaeologist a taphonomist, leads a new experimental line with wild animals in the Catalan Pyrenees, which aim is simulate scenarios to model and characterize the actions of large and small carnivores, and extrapolate results obtained to European Pleistocene archaeological sites.
18 June 2016

A night in a Neanderthal camp site

  During the months of July and August visits to Bolomor Cave will be complemented with a night activity, which recreates a Neanderthal camp site as it was 235,000 years ago. This activity will combine ornamental elements, archaeological replicas, sound, image and theatrical production to tell the story of a…
14 June 2016

New data about Homo naledi chronology

The evolutionary relationships and age of Homo naledi: An assessment using dated Bayesian phylogenetic methods
10 June 2016

Estrenamos página web

  Cova del Bolomor estrena su nueva página web. En ella puedes consultar los contenidos con los que ya contaba su antecesora, pero actualizados con las últimas novedades. Además hemos incluido nuevas secciones y funcionalidades. Esperamos que os guste.
09 June 2016

Homo floresiensis

Nuevos datos sobre la antigüedad y contexto de los fósiles de homínidos más antiguos conocidos de Flores
03 June 2016


03 June 2016


The twenty-fifth field-work season was conducted between September 7th and October 4th. The tasks were focused on the excavation of the level XIII (MIS 7, ca 200,000 years) in the Northern Sector of the site, in the same area as the previous field-work season. The work involved the squares A10-N12…