05 May 2016


The seventeenth excavation season took place from the 15th of September to the 15th of October of 2007. The efforts were focused on the northern sector, with the excavation of strata IX, X, XI and XII. Excavated squares were E8 a K11 (16 m2) with an approximated density of 50 cm. This was the continuation of previous years in the same sector with the rising of very breccia layers.  Level IX was strongly crusted and corresponds to cold moments of the isotopic stadium 6, possibly to subphases 6.0/6.3 with a chronology of 130.000-140.000 years. Level X, like the previous one, was very poor in archaeological materials and with the presence of bone remains brought by carnivores. On level XI, which had a very detailed excavation, we focused on the combustion structures and on the recovering of all the sediment for its analysis, obtainment of samples in thin sheets, sedimentology and phytoliths.  It corresponds to a less rigorous climatic phase such as the two previous levels and is located in subphases 6.3/6.4 with an estimated chronology of 140.000-150.000 years. Level XII is not very excavated on the northern and eastern squares where this level appears higher (K12-LL12). The level corresponds to the isotopic stadium 6 where the cold conditions appear again, related with the subphase 6.4 with a chronology of 150.000-160.000 years.


Planimetry of hearths of level XI and their representation


Deer shinbone not anthropically contributed of level X


Deer shinbone and maxillary from level X of the northern sector


Excavation team 2007

ROOF AND PROTECTION FENCE 2006. After the clandestine actuations of 2005, the General Directory of Patrimony of the Valencian Government decided to put up a new protection fence in order to protect the site. It was set up during the first week of February of 2006. During August and September, the roof was ready and was carried to the cave by the excavation team. It was subsidised by Iberdrola and private donations.



Carrying of the material with a helicopter which formed part of the protection fence.


Protection fence once set up


Carrying the material for the protection roof with a steel tiroline


Carrying up the material of the roof in the first stretch

Carrying up the material in the second stretch with the tiroline


Setting up the material


Covering the site once finished the with the materials