05 May 2016


The fifteenth excavation season took place from the 19th of September until the 15th of October of 2005. The excavation took place on the following areas: Western sector and southern sector on levels VI and XIII. On the western sector we finished the excavation of the layer and of the hearths in a yellowish sediment with a sandy texture. These two combustion structures, with a rocky base, on squares F2 (focus 1) and D2 (focus 2) where numerated and raised. We elaborated silicon models reproducing the hearths for their use in museums. On the northern sector we worked on level VI, with breccia on squares E10 to I 11 (6m2). Clandestine actions affected principally the eastern sector.


Aerial view of the excavation of level XIII in the western sector


Detail of the excavation of level VI in the northern sector

Panoramic view of the excavation area


Sus scrofa molar and phalanx of hippopotamus inside breccia sediment


2005 Excavation team